“…I never had any doubt that Mitchell would prevail in his dogged pursuit of bringing this matter to a successful outcome on my behalf. He was totally prepared, and was able to deflect and rebut any attempt by this man to try to portray the issue in whatever manner he could to his benefit. The arbitrator eventually ruled in my favor, and the defendant was ordered to repay my lost monies along with penalties and interest. I would never hesitate to retain Mitchell Cobert again if I ever had any legal issues concerning financial matters. He specializes in financial law and does it exceedingly well! From a personal perspective, Mitchell is also a man with deep moral convictions and integrity, and I feel fortunate to have been represented by a man of his caliber.”


“Mitchell took the case against one of the large broker firms with confidence that he would win the lawsuit. He was extremely thorough in his examination of the endless financial paperwork and research that went into this case. In our opinion, you will not find an attorney that specializes in this field better than Mr. Cobert! Besides his intelligence in this field, he is very easy to converse with, which puts you at ease during the sessions with him. Needless to say, he won the settlement for my father with a sizeable sum!”


“Mitch, you have been there for my Dad and now you are there for me. I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for our family. I consider it an honor to call you my friend.”


“No one would have imagined at the commencement of this endeavor how very convoluted, complicated and time consuming this project would have been. In your efforts you have been very generous with your time and industry. Everything that you thought was proper was willingly undertaken and with an enthusiasm that was infectious and tireless. I am aware of the great difficulties that are embraced when representing another lawyer. It is said that there are few worse clients than a lawyer and you had to endure two. You did it with respect, courtesy and consideration and, on behalf of TD Esq., the beneficiaries and myself, I want to express our sincere appreciation. Few attorneys would have handled the matter as diplomatically.”


``My deepest thanks for being a friend and a confidant—and one hell of an attorney”